What is technology on which BSNL WLL Mobile works?

WLL (Wireless in Local Loop) is an emerging Access Network technology based on CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) principle. This technology is very much useful for providing cost effective mobile service, for providing wireless telephone connection in areas where provision of land line telephone connection is not feasible.

What is WLL with limited mobility service?

Limited mobility means providing mobile service with in one single charging area. In a single charging area the limited mobility subscriber can roam any where and make or receive calls.

What advantages does BSNL WLL mobile service offers over other mobile services ?

The biggest advantage is No Air time charges. All Incoming calls are free of cost. Outgoing calls are charged at Rs. 1.2/- per 3 minute duration which is same as land line call. BSNL WLL mobile gives facilities of mobile telephone at same cost of land line telephone

Do I have to pay charges for incoming calls and air time?

No. You don't have to pay for airtime charges and incoming calls are free .The calls are charged in the same manner as the normal telephone connection

Can the subscriber buy his own mobile set?

Yes. The customer can purchase CDMA mobile sets complying with IS-95A / 800 MHz specification

Can I use BSNL WLL mobile anywhere in City limits ?

Yes. With in metroploitan area of your city, BSNL WLL mobile can be used

What is the coverage provided for the BSNL WLL mobile service ?

Coverage has been provided from multiple Radio Base Stations . These base stations provide indoor coverage upto 2 Km from the base station and outdoor coverage upto 5 Km. They can also provide coverage for greater distances upto 10 Km from the base stations where obstructions due to high building, thick vegetation are the least

What facilities BSNL WLL mobile service can offer?

WLL has most of the features of a normal telephone like: Dynamic STD/ISD locking. Call waiting / Call transfer Calling line identification Call forwarding Data / Fax transmission (upto 14.4.kbps). Morning alarm / Hotline STD/ISD call details along with the bill.

Can a conventional cellular mobile phone be used for the BSNL WLL mobile service?

No. The technology used for providing BSNL WLL mobile and fixed WLL service is based on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). This is different from the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology used for cellular mobile communication. CDMA Mobile Sets which comply with specification IS-95A / 800 MHz can be used in WLL