Bonafide Verification for new connection

Bonafide Verification for new connection/shift of telephone connection
At the time of installation of a new telephone connection and shift of a telephone 'bona-fide' checks are carried out by Company officials. As per existing instructions on the subject, it is sufficient if, at the time ot installation of new telephone sanctioned under NON-OYT/SS, NON-OYT/Gen., OYT/Special categories and also shift of telephone, the installation party is given pro-forma certificate as mentioned below signed by the customer to the effect that he/she is staying at the address and that the telephone connection is for bona-fide use.

In case of telephone sanctioned under NON-OYT/Special category, the existing practice of checking bona-fide before installation will continue. This procedure will apply in shift cases also. Any difficulty faced by the subscriber in such matters may be brought to the notice of GM/TDM/TDE of his area who will take prompt action in the matter.