What is CDMA?

CDMA, Code Division Multiple Access, uses advanced mathematical techniques to allow multiple wireless devices to transmit simultaneously on the same frequency. Every device, such as a mobile phone, is assigned a unique mathematical signature. It applies this signature to the original signal and transmits the modified signal. A receiver applies the inverse of the mathematical operation to recover the original signal.

What type of services offers BSNL on CDMA technology?

BSNL offers variety of services on CDMA technology like CDMA fixed,limited mobile &mobile services.BSNL also offeres CDMA data VPN for enterprises customers using CDMA 2000 1X&EVDO technologhy.EVDO WI-FI router are also available for home/office usage.

Can a conventional cellular mobile phone be used for the BSNL CDMA service?

CDMA based open market handset are available &same can be used.GSM based handset can not be used being a different technology.CDMA open market handset are available from various company like SAMSUNG,MICROMAX,OLIVE,INTEX etc.

What should I do for getting a initial connection?

The CAF (Customer Application Form) available in customer service centers/Distributor/Dealer should be filled in and submitted with Address/Photo proof in the form of voter ID/PAN card/Driving Licence/Passport/Ration card and two numbers of Passport size Photos similar to the Postpaid connection

What is BSNL CDMA - prepaid?

Pre-paid is that connection for which one makes the payment in advance to purchase the IFWT/RUIM card and he can use it till its call value or validity period.

Is all type of services available on prepaid?

Yes,CDMA prepaid connection are enabled for STD/ISD,SMS/Voice SMS & 1X data.In addition other supplementry services(Voice mail etc) are available on demand.

What is a RUIM card?

CDMA mobile handset, 1Xdata card,EVDO data card &other CDMA devices contains subscriber information that facilitates interaction between the subscriber and the mobile network.

What is fixed CDMA service?

This is a service provided using fixed wireless Terminal and a telephone instrument or integrated fixed wireless terminal (IFWT). The Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT)/IFWT will be connected with an indoor type or outdoor type antenna depending on the location of the premises keeping in view the strength of the radio signal to be transmitted and received.

What is CDMA with limited mobility service?

Limited mobility means providing mobile service with in one single charging area(SDCA). In a single charging area the limited mobility subscriber can roam any where and make or receive calls.

What is CDMA full mobility service?

Full mobility means providing mobile service in which subscriber can roam any where to receive or make a calls.