BSNL is India's no. 1 Internet service provider with more than 17 lakh subscribers, providing Internet service throughout the entire country (except in New Delhi and Mumbai) under the brand name of " Sancharnet". Sancharnet provides free all India roaming and enables it's users to access their accounts, using the same access code (172233) and user ID from any where in the Country. In order to make Internet available through out the length and breadth of the Country Internet Dhabas are being commissioned at all the Block Headquarters. BSNL has also started DIAS and Account free internet access (CLI based) facility on few select cities recently.


BSNL has launched "SANCHARNET CARD" recently. The Sancharnet Card" is a prepaid Internet Access Card with following features for customers:

  1. Self-register for internet access with your choice of userid
  2. Renew your existing Sancharnet Account
  3. Wide Range of Internet Access Packages


Web-Hosting Service is also provided by the BSNL. It allows customers to host their static or dynamic web-sites on BSNL servers. Web hosting service provides basic features like Web-space (Data Storage) on servers for hosting HTML pages with browser supported MIME types, Primary or Secondary Domain Name Hosting, Server Side Scripting: Perl, Java Servlets, JSP, Database Access( MySQL), Email Access and Web-email, Multiple Email IDs as per the plan, Ftp access for uploading and downloading pages as per the plan, Continuous usage billing for Web, Messaging and FTP etc. More details>>


Web Co-location Service: BSNL provides Internet services to the customers located in about 450 locations. Web Co-location is an easy and cost effective solution to house a company's powerful infrastructure without losing the administrative control on the equipments. Web Co-location eliminates much of the Infrastructure costs as well as the maintenance cost of such equipments apart from avoiding the last mile problems. Web Co-location enables customer’s equipment/ Servers to be treated as a part and parcel of the ISP network enjoying all the facilities as the ISP servers. More>>

SMS and BULK SMS Services It allows you to send SMS using Sancharnet Email service. Sending SMS using Sancharnet account is very easy and cost effective. There is no need of a mobile phone to send SMS. Moreover it is easy to type a message on computer keyboard. More>>


BSNL Internet subscribers (Sancharnet users) can see their account information i.e. hours used/left, change passwords and see their e-mails on BSNL Sancharnet website