Permanent Telephone Connection-Sulabh Scheme

For those customers who use their B-Fone for incoming call only, BSNL has a tariff plan known as “SULABH PLAN”. In this plan, outgoing calls can be made by the customer through ITC. In addition to use of ITC for making outgoing calls, customer may be allowed facilities of outgoing calls and internet calls, if he so desires. In this case charges of outgoing will be @ Rs.1.20 per call. However to avail this outgoing facility, the customer would be required to deposit annual rental as per the prevailing rules.

The Tariff for Sulabh plan is as follows:



( For rural area)


(For urban area)

1. Security Deposit


Local: Rs. 250, Local+STD: Rs. 500,

Local+STD+ISD: Rs. 2000, Rs.500/- for
Sulabh with outgoing only on ITC

(Existing BSNL bfone customers are exempted)

Local + STD: Rs. 500,

Local + STD + ISD: Rs. 2000,

Rs.500/- for Sulabh with outgoing only on ITC

(Existing BSNL landline customers are exempted)

2. Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs.)

(a) Xge Capacity Less than 30000 lines 90 90
(b) Xge Capacity ≥ 30000 lines 140 140

3. Free Calls allowances 
(In MCU per month)

Nil Nil

4. Unit Call Charges

(a) If ITC is used

As per ITC tariff As per ITC tariff

(b)If ITC is not used



5. CLIP Charges

Nil Nil

6. Pulse rate in seconds per MCU for local/STD /ISD calls

  • If ITC is used: As per ITC tariff
  • If ITC is not used: same as applicable to PSTN lines (bfone)

  • All other charges and conditions shall remain unchanged as applicable to Fixed line/WLL bfone.
  • Where the customer has opted only for incoming calls, Centrex is not provided. If customer takes outgoing calls facility@ Rs. 1.20 per call, Centrex at the prevalent tariff can be given.
  • Outgoing calls to the following important Public utility numbers on Sulabh(only incoming) bfone is allowed.
  1. Police 100
  2. Fire 101
  3. Ambulance 102
  4. Fault repair service 198
  5. Directory service 197
  6. Free phone service 1600 – xyz – ABCD