Telegram has been common man's communication need in the past. The first telegraph message was transmitted live on Morse through electrical signals between Calcutta and Diamond Harbour on 5 th November 1850. The Telegraph services were opened to public during February 1855.

Since the commencement of Telegraph Service and over the years, there have been tremendous technological changes to transmit messages. BSNL in order to keep pace with technological developments introduced Web Based Telegraph Messaging System in all circles by 31-03-2010.

There has been steep decline in the usage of Telegraph Services due to large scale penetration of Fixed Line Telephony, Mobile Services and Internet Services. SMS and E-Mails have gained greater importance in Message Transmission over the years. Realizing the declining usage of Telegraph Services, the Establishment branch of BSNL Corporate Office defined Telegraph Services as diminishing services vide circular No. 19-1/2009/TE-II dated 19-02-2010.

It is pertinent to state that Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is the only Telecom. Service Provider providing Telegraph Services to the citizens of the country across the length and breadth of the nation.

BSNL provides Telegraph Services in the country through various Telegraph offices spread across length and breadth of the country and also through few Customer Service Centres of BSNL. As on 01-04-2010 BSNL has 182 Telegraph Offices in the country.

Apart from the booking of Telegrams, many Telegraph Offices also offer Services like Fax Service, STD/ISD PCO Services, Internet Service, Sale of Fixed Line products of BSNL, Sale of Mobile Products of BSNL, Bill deposition of BSNL Services etc.