Voice and Video Over Broadband

VVoBB means Video and Voice over Broadband. VVOBB uses ‘Voice over Internet Protocol' (VoIP) technology. It's a great new way to make and receive phone calls using your broadband connection instead of your analog phone line. Through this phone calls get converted into data packets and get transmitted through broadband. When Video and Voice comes to the other end, it is just like a face a face call.

BSNL VVoBB (Video and Voice over Broadband) is all set to change the way India telecommunicates today by adding one more dimension to the communication .i.e. - vision.

VVoBB service enables customer to
  • Make video calls on bigger screen (up to 20 fps, CIF resolution).
  • HD quality audio calls to other VVoBB customer.
  • Audio calls to International PSTN/ mobile numbers at amazing rates.
Some of the possible application areas for Video Telephone are :
  • Business Communication : Conduct Meetings/interviews over the Video Telephony. Reduce travel bill and increase employee productivity. Specialized Applications :
  • Tele medicine : Doctors can interact with remote patients. Addresses the scarcity of skilled doctors in remote areas.
  • Tele education : Centralized instructor can conduct classes in remote locations equipped with LCD monitor. Addresses the scarcity of skilled teachers in remote areas.
  • Video Surveillance : Dial into the SIP cameras or the video phones in other locations to keep an eye on the activities at those locations.
VVoBB is an innovation that throws open doors to many opportunities for improving the quality of life. It will surely redefine the way people communicate. For details log on http:// www.bsnlsis.com

Tariff for Voice and Video Over Broadband

S. No. Particulars Charges in Rs. (Excluding Service Tax)
1. Registration cum activation charges ( one time) Rs. 250/-
2. Monthly Service charges including VPN charges, which will be created for providing Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC) to VVoBB customers. Rs. 100/-
3. ATA (Analog Telephony Adapter) charges, in case the same is taken on rent by the customer from franchisee instead of outright purchase. Rs. 50/- per Month
4. Charges for providing of Static IP to the customer as part of VVoBB service Rs. 50/- per Month
5. Usage charges :
  a) For non-Video calls (Domestic) Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to SIP calling. Rs. 1.00/- per minute
b) For Video calls (Domestic) SIP to SIP calling Rs. 2.50/- per minute
c) For international calls (Non-video calls)
Note:- At present International calling shall be available in Gujarat circle only. In other circles of North & West zones, International call tariff shall be issued subsequently.
As per country wise tariff card approved by the Competent Authority, attached as Annexure-I
  • Device Cost as enclosed in Annexure-2 on outright purchase basis.
  • Data transfer for VVoBB shall not be accounted in normal download charges of Broadband for the customer.
  • SIP devices for VVoBB Service on monthly installment basis to the prospective VVoBB customers of Government Institutions and PSUs only Annexure-3.