·   PCOs are allotted to any extent of exchange capacity wherever new telephone is available on demand. At all other places, i.e. at places where there is waiting list for NTCs, 10% of the exchange capacity is reserved for PCOs. If there is no waiting list for normal telephones in an exchange, PCOs even beyond this limit are allotted.

·    New PCOs are allotted immediately on receipt of application on day to day basis.

·   In case there is a waiting list in an exchange for PCOs, then 50 % of PCOs are to be given to the following reserved category in the order given hereunder:

·   If all the applicants under reserved category are not cleared within the limit of 10% of exchange capacity, the same is cleared by relaxing this condition.

·   More than one PCO are allotted liberally, if desired by the franchisee in the same premises. However, application for such PCOs is treated like any other PCO application and no over riding priority among the PCO applications is given for such applications. Each such PCO is treated as independent for the purpose of reckoning minimum guaranteed revenue, security deposit etc.

·    PCOs are allotted liberally without any restriction of distance, space and size of accommodation.

·    Only TEC approved Charge indicators are to be used. Physical verification by BSNL officer of the instrument before providing PCO is not required.

·    PCO Operators, who have been paying their bills for the past six months regularly, are permitted to convert their PCOs in to "'BSNL Shoppe- One-Stop Sanchar shop' for sale and distribution of the following BSNL products and services:  

·   Conference Facility on PCOs is permitted.

·   Attachment of Fax machine with PCOs is permitted. No rates have been prescribed for fax messages. PCO operator may charge anything from the public depending upon the competition.

·  PCOs are allowed to be converted into Multi-Utility Telecom Point.  These points are allowed to provide Video conferencing and high-speed Internet services to their customers using broadband of BSNL.

·    Format of Application cum agreement form can be downloaded from BSNL's website